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Emmett's Story

This is the story of Emmett Daly who has Arthogryposis:

My name is Emmett Daly, I’m 22 yrs old and from Kilcormac. 
I have a disability called Arthrogryposis which affects my joints and general movement. I was born with my legs over my shoulders “which may not have been to pleasant for my ma” as she described me as been in the shape of a football.
I’ve had many operations of which some has been a great success and some have been a waste of time, I have had operations on my feet and knees but never the less I’m here to tell the tail.
I’m confined to a wheelchair so it has just come part of my everyday life to me.

I went through main stream schools like everyone which as you can imagine wasn’t always a pleasant experience. I’m like every other student, when I was in Kilcormac Vocational School I was not the best for doing my homework and I was always chatting in class. In one class I was brought up to the teachers table for the week!!! But it never stopped me. I am currently in my 3rd year of business studies in A.I.T, I found this a totally different experience compared to school, because you have to make new friends and there are no teachers on your back about doing work so you have to try and do it yourselves. When I was in my first yr I was called into the disability’s officer, we were talking about other things just as I was going to leave the office she said that she had got a call from the health and safety office saying that I was reported for speeding and nearly hitting a pregnant woman, I was wetting myself laughing and the Disability officer was laughing as well. The story is that I never saw that pregnant woman, was I going to fast?? I have a Personal Assistant and Note Taker provided by the college.

I have a personal assistant who is 26 yrs old and she comes every day, Monday to Friday. I have 35 hrs a week. She comes to my house every morning at 10am except for the days I’m in college she’d collect me in the evenings. She helps me with my every day living, like getting out of bed, dressing, washing, feeding and all the other general things like driving etc. when you have a pa you have to be sure to get along with them because it makes the job a lot easier for everyone. With ruth I can go to the cinema, shopping, friends houses and of coarse the boring meetings. 

I am chairperson of S.P.I.R.I.T in the mid-lands which is the youth of the Irish Wheelchair Association, it was set up because the Irish Wheelchair Association felt that the needs of youth were not been reached, the mid-lands area covers Offaly, Laois, Westmeath and Longford. We organise activities for the youth in the 4 counties. These activities consist of discos, table-quiz’s, and many other activities as well. Our group age ranges from 18 to 30.