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Music By Prudence - Best Documentary Short Oscar Winner

Wed Mar 7, 2012

Winner of the 2010 Academy Award® for Best Documentary Short

Playful, spirited Prudence Mabhena lives in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Her hauntingly beautiful voice was undiscovered for years, until… “Music by Prudence” traces her path, and the resilience that helped her to transcend the hatred and superstition surrounding her disability to bring her into a world of music, love and possibility.

Prudence’s poignant, inspiring and irreverent message of hope has received an amazing response from press and audiences throughout the world.

"“A must-see"” (Entertainment Weekly)

In October 2011 Prudenec Mabhena  visit Ireland for the Abära International Disability Film Festival.  some of our members had the opportunity to meet with  Prudence which she visited dublin. It was her first time in Ireland and very different to what she's use to - October in africa is a bit warmer! She spoke to us about  where she lived and her band Liyana. She was inspirational in all that she has come to be with all that she has experienced.